Social Cognitive and Addiction Neuroscience Lab (SCANlab)

January 2015

SCANlab Graduate Students Awarded Summer Grant Writing Fellowships for 2015

Curt Von Gunten and Meredith Johnson were both awarded 2015 summer grant writing fellowships from the Department of Psychological Sciences. These fellowships provide two months of financial support for students to work on grant applications, to be submitted to the National Institutes of Health within the subsequent six months. Curt’s grant focuses on characterizing associations among three candidate endophenotypes for alcohol abuse (low executive functioning, low sensitivity to the effects of alcohol, and reduced amplitude of the P3 event-related potential) and how each contributes to alcoholism risk. Meredith’s grant focuses on understanding whether associating valued and devalued social groups with alcohol influences underage drinkers’ emotional and cognitive responses to beer brands.