Social Cognitive and Addiction Neuroscience Lab (SCANlab)

Characterizing Alcohol Risks in Development (CARD)

Researcher’s Name: Dr. Bruce D. Bartholow (University of Iowa)

Project IRB Number: 202305541

Project Title: Characterizing Alcohol Risks in Development (CARD)

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

NIH Project Title and Number: Determining the Contributions of Four AARDoC Functional Domains to the Etiology of Heavy Drinking and AUD Symptoms: A Prospective, Multimodal Approach (NIH 1R01AA030728)

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this research is to better understand factors that can increase or decrease the likelihood that teenagers and young adults will drink alcohol and experience negative consequences from drinking.

We are recruiting teenagers and young adults ages 14-19 for this study.

There is still a lot that scientists don't understand about the causes of addiction and why some people seem to be more vulnerable to addiction than other people. By studying the way young people's brains respond in different scenarios, we think we can learn more about this—and possibly find ways to help people suffering from addiction.

Doing this kind of research requires a collaboration between the researchers and volunteer research participants paid to complete the study. Maybe you will be one!

What will participants be asked to do?

Participants will visit the research lab three times over a period of 30 months to complete questionnaires and simple computer-based tasks and games. The questionnaires will ask about participants' (and their friends’) experiences with alcohol and other health-related behaviors. The computer-based tasks and games are designed to help us learn about how people process information. We will measure participants' brain activity using a set of harmless sensors placed on top of their heads as they complete the computer tasks and games.

Each lab visit will take about 3-3.5 hours and participants will be paid $90 for each visit. Snacks and beverages also will be provided during the lab visits. Participants also will receive small prizes for task completion and lab-themed gifts.

In-between lab visits, participants will be asked to complete some questionnaires online, for which they will receive additional payment.

Participant compensation

Participants will receive up to $495 for completing all the phases of the research. Specifically:

$10 for completing the online eligibility screener, and an additional $25 for completing the online questionnaire packet prior to each lab visit (so if you complete all three packets, you will receive a total of $75).

$90 for participation in each of the three lab visits. To thank you for coming back, bonuses of $30 per session will be paid for participating in the Wave 2 and Wave 3 lab visits.

$25 for each of two online questionnaire packets 5 and 10 months after the first two labsessions (so if you complete all 4 packets, you will receive a total of $100)

Small prizes in the lab for completing each task.

How can I participate?

If you think you might like to participate, we first need to determine if you are eligible. Eligibility for the study is determined using a very brief questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask you about your age, your general health status, a few items about your health history, and about several different health-related behaviors. The link to the eligibility questionnaire is given below.

If you are the parent or guardian of an adolescent age 14-17 and think they might like to participate, please share this informational website with them. If they decide to complete the eligibility questionnaire, please have them complete it in private. We are required to maintain the privacy of information provided by all study candidates, whether they be adults or children, so that all are free of concerns about their privacy.

How is the information I provide on the eligibility questionnaire kept private?

We WILL NOT save the answers you provide on the eligibility questionnaire. A computer algorithm will use your answers to automatically determine whether you are eligible. Whether you are eligible or not, the information you provide will be erased; not even the researchers will see your information.

We WILL NOT ask for your name or any contact information at this point. If you are determined to be eligible to participate, you can then decide whether you want to share your name and contact information with us. We will need that information if you want to participate.

We WILL NOT track your IP address or attempt to locate you in any way. Completing the eligibility questionnaire DOES NOT obligate you to participate in the study. You can decide at any time whether or not you want to participate.

Eligibility screener

By clicking the link below, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the conditions and wish to proceed with the eligibility screener.

  • How will I learn if I am eligible?

    After you complete the eligibility questionnaire, a message will appear informing you whether you are eligible to participate.

    If you are eligible, you will have the option to provide your name and contact information. Providing this information will let the researchers know that you are interested in participating.

    If you are not eligible, you will have the option to provide your email address, which we will use to enter you into a drawing for one of several $30 gift cards—as a way of thanking you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

    What if I have questions about the study?

    You should contact the research team! (Subject Line: CARD Study)

    You may also contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Bruce Bartholow, at or 573-289-4605.

    Where is your lab located?

    Participants will have the option to attend lab sessions either in Iowa City on the University of Iowa campus, or in Cedar Rapids.