Social Cognitive and Addiction Neuroscience Lab (SCANlab)

February 2022

An exciting year for the SCANlab Undergrad RAs!

Academic year 2021-2022 was rich in honors, achievements and projects for SCANlab RAs Devon Terry, Mikayla Rodgers, Makayla Pollock, Kristina Essig and Liz Conley!

Devon Terry, 2021-2022

Devon was accepted into the McNair Scholar Program. Mentored by Dr. Piasecki, she is conducting research using the CLAS (Characterizing Low Alcohol Sensitivity) Study data. Devon’s research project examine the moderation of coping motives and drinking outcomes by depression history in emerging adults, Devon will be sharing the results of her research at Midwestern Psychological Association meeting held in Chicago in the Spring. In parallel, Devon is also completing her honors’ thesis under the supervision of Dr. Bartholow. Devon was also inducted at Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest academic honor society in the United States inviting to membership the most exceptional undergraduate students of their class.

Mikayla Rodgers, 2021-2022

Mikayla was accepted into the Nuclear Medicine program at MU. Mikayla also became the lead research assistant for Dr. Cofresi’s FMRI study at the Cognitive Neuroscience Systems (CNS) core facility, assisting with participant recruitment, scheduling, data collection, data processing and training of fellow volunteer SCANlab RA, Rawan Ebada. The study they are working on investigates potential differences in regional brain activation in response to alcohol and nicotine cues. They submitted a poster abstract to the Research Society on Alcoholism.

Makayla Pollock, 2021-2022

Makayla was accepted into the McNair Scholar Program with Dr. Ashley Groh as her mentor. Makayla’s McNair research project examines the significance of mothers’ attachment for caregiving expectations to infant attachment cues. Makayla will be sharing the results of her research at Midwestern Psychological Association meeting held in Chicago in the Spring.

Kristina Essig, Spring 2022

Our recruitment and retention specialist, Kristia Essig, was accepted in the Brussels Internship Program, MU School of Journalism. She is doing an internship as Corporate and Consumer intern at BCW Global in Brussels Belgium this Spring 2022.

Liz Conley, Summer 2022

Liz was accepted into the RISE Germany internship (Research Internships in Science and Engineering). The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has granted her a scholarship to carry out a training at Forschungszentrum Jülich (“Jülich Research Centre”). She will be working with PhD student Shukti Ramkiran on Simultaneous fNIRS-EEG for brain network monitoring during therapeutic intervention.

Congratulations to all of them for these great achievements!