Social Cognitive and Addiction Neuroscience Lab (SCANlab)

April 2023

Undergraduate Research Week 2023

SCANlab undergraduate lab members presented their independent research projects at the 2023 edition of the Undergraduate Research Week.

(1) Ian Flowers, “The influence of social network drinking behavior and a family history of problematic drinking on alcohol involvement in underage, emerging-adult drinkers”

(2) Liam Peck, “Brain responses conditioned to a novel visual stimulus paired with sugar water”

(3) Hannah Drzewiecki & Jasmine Chen, “Alcohol craving in a laboratory setting among emerging adults”

(4) Elizabeth Widiger, incoming graduate student in the SCANlab in Fall 2023, also presented her undergraduate research, “Presence of evidence-based substance use prevention strategies and service provider openness to evidence-based strategies in religiously affiliated vs. non-religiously affiliated higher education institutions.”

(5) K. Taylor Bosworth, PhD student in Translational Biosciences doing an extended rotation in the SCANlab was also presenting her research, “Designing the User-Informed CommitFit Health Technologies Using a Mixed-Method Approach”

Lab alumni also presented their own independent research projects:

(5) Liz Conley, “An automated calculation to determine polymer persistence length from AFM images”

(6) Makayla Pollock, Poster 166 on the role of race in the neural processing of infant emotional cues. Makayla’s research was also featured here!

Ian, Liam, Elizabeth and Makayla also presented their research at the Midwest Psychological Association in Chicago, IL.