Social Cognitive and Addiction Neuroscience Lab (SCANlab)

November 2023

SCANlab director Bruce Bartholow receives new NIH grants!

Two new R01 grants from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism were awarded to Bartholow.

The first project (funded by R01AA030728) will be conducted at the SCANlab’s University of Iowa location and will examine factors that can increase or decrease the likelihood that teenagers and young adults will experience problems related to drinking alcohol. The primary purpose of this study is to increase our understanding of when and how underlying causes of alcohol-related problems emerge during adolescence. Findings from this study could lead to the development of more effective interventions that might reduce or prevent problems linked to heavy drinking. For more information, visit the Card Study website.

The second project (funded by R01AA030914) will be conducted at the University of Missouri in collaboration with Dr. Denis McCarthy’s Alcohol Cognitions Lab and Dr. Clintin Davis-Stober’s Decision-Making and Data Science Lab. This project will rigorously test the factors that increase the risk of negative drinking consequences as people transition from underage drinking to legal drinking. The first 12 months following the transition to the minimum legal drinking age (currently, age 21 in the U.S.) is associated with an increase in negative drinking consequences, especially DUI arrests. This study will try to understand why that occurs and the factors that predict who is most likely to experience these consequences.